BQUA has the knowledge and expertise utilizing the necessary technologies and equipment for each specific water treatment application. There is a vast range of applications that require water in various forms and qualities. Of these applications come cooling towers, boiler makeup water, power plants, car wash and laboratory ultrapure water in Type I, II or III. Water used in such applications must be treated to either prevent scaling, corrosion or any damage from occurring to the point of use if left untreated. Other applications also include water bottling, clean water treatment systems for commercial buildings and mobile solar powered or containerized water treatment systems.

BQUA offers sustainable and cost-effective water treatment system and solutions for residential, commercial and industrial water treatment applications. Our water treatment system is sustainable, reliable, cost-effective and future proof. We value our customers with skilled workmanship, craftsmanship and customer service excellence. We strive to serve you with our dedicated team of professionals to find you the right water treatment solution that addresses your needs.

reverse osmosis system cooling tower makeup water treatment
Cooling Tower
bqua stormwater water treatment applications
Stormwater Treatment
bqua mobile solar power reverse osmosis water treatment system
Solar Powered Water Treatment
bqua reverse osmosis system car wash water treatment applications
Car Wash
bqua containerized water treatment reverse osmosis system
Mobile Water Treatment
bqua Water treatment laboratory ultra pure water Reverse Osmosis type I II III
Laboratory Ultrapure Water
Water Treatment Bottling - Reverse Osmosis System
Water Treatment for Commercial Building - Reverse Osmosis System
Commercial Building